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MAP Test

The NWEA MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress) is an adaptive achievement and growth test. It creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student's learning level—precisely measuring progress and growth for each individual student.

Why it's important to take and try your best on MAP Growth? 
MAP tests are “smart” tests, adapting to learner’s level of learning, meaning they are not too hard or too easy,. It  gives us a more accurate picture of the skills earners are ready to start developing. Each learner will take the math and reading tests at least two times this school year to demonstrate growth and progress.
We believe in smart data! The information provided is vast, and we use this data to create learning goals, adapt proposals to meet learner’s needs, and provide appropriate resources to learners. This is just one point of data we use to understand your learner and provide meaningful and personalized instruction.
MAP scores also give predictions as to how learner will do on college entrance exams, like SAT and ACT. This helps us make recommendations for preparation and planning for college admissions.

Below you can learn more about each area.



How can MAP Test help you develop pathways to higher education?